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November 19, 2015

Wired and Wireless Home Network

Heart & Soul

Why do you need a wired and wireless Home Network? Have you ever thought about what goes into a house? Wood, steel and concrete … pipes, wires, sheetrock, carpet and tile. Have you thought about what goes into a modern intelligent home? Wires. Lots and lots of wires! Wiring is the heart of your modern home and a enterprise grade network from Arankis, Luxul or Pakedge is it’s soul.

TV’s, door locks, swimming pools, appliances and other devices now connect to the “cloud”. All of these connected devices require a wired or wireless connection to the network in your home. The technobabble world call it IoT or the “Internet of Things”. All of the decisions necessary to properly plan your new home or renovation might seem overwhelming! Shore Sound & Cinema is up to the task.

Intelligent system design, wire management and proper installation techniques are critical for dependable operation and we are here to simplify your wired world!

Education and Certifications

Shore Sound & Cinema’s network systems are second to none. Our understanding and knowledge of networking has come from years of training, education and certification. Shore Sound & Cinema is certified, licensed and trained to install, support and manage your smart home, now and into the future!

Call us and speaker to a certified network specialist today at Shore Sound & Cinema! 609-645-1300

We Do Awesome:

  • Camera system wiring
  • Wired and Wireless Structured wiring
  • Communication and Intercom wiring
  • Whole house audio speaker wiring
  • Outdoor audio wiring
  • 4K Video distribution wiring
  • Home automation control wiring
  • Shading control wiring
  • Cellular booster system wiring
  • Cable TV wiring

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